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  • Monthly Bookkeeping
    Deliver bookkeeping services for SMME’s that are managed in a systematic, efficient, timely and cost effective manner enabling the business owner to make informed financial decisions. With 25 years experience as a senior bookkeeper you can be confident that your bookkeeping will be handled in a professional manner that is accepted by accountants.

    The Monthly bookkeeping consists of capturing the books from source documents, journals and bank statements on a monthly basis. From this we extract the VAT, complete the statutory returns and submit them to SARS.

  • Management Reports
    Monthly management reports are produced from the books. These enable the owner / manager to make informed operational decisions.

  • Financial Statements
    The annual statements are drawn up and printed as soon after the financial year end as possible. These are drawn up for the sole proprietors, and close corporations, PTY and PTY LTD.

VIP Payroll
With the changes in legislation compelling all members in close corporations and Directors of companies to pay PAYE on a monthly basis we offer the facility of producing Pay Slips. VIP Payroll calculates the monthly tax liability, We will issue and submit your EMP 201 to SARS and makes the payment on behalf of the company. IRP5's are issued at the end of the year.

Workman's Compensation
Registration with the Department of Labour for workmen's compensation and the completion and submission of returns of earning are submitted.


  • Provisional Tax Returns
    The provisional tax returns are completed and submitted to SARS twice a year, once at the end of August and again at the end of February, making the assumption that the financial year end is February. These are completed and submitted for companies and individuals.